• Organizations we serve

    We serve Small & Large Corporate Offices, Schools, Hotels, Banks, Shopping Malls, Gymkhanas, Smaller Businesses, Retail/Wholesale Stores among others.

  • What we do

    We provide a free doorstep pick-up service for your raddi/shredded paper and other recyclable scrap. The same is collected by our vendors and sourced to government authorized recyclers.

    All our vendors have been provided with electronic weigh scales for weighing scrap to ensure a fair process.

  • Frequency of pick up

    We can schedule a pickup frequency based on your requirement. After the initial set up, we will determine the frequency of the requirement and arrange the pickup accordingly. This can always be modified based on your requirement.

  • Specialized services
    • Waste Audit and Recycling Plan: We help you optimize the collection and segregation of scrap in your office and give you a personalized recycling plan based on your specific requirements.
    • Interaction with staff: We can conduct a short orientation or a detailed workshop with your staff to explain the importance of segregation of scrap and the difference between different grades of scrap. We can also organize recycling drives for a cause you select.
    • Shredding service: We offer on-site and off-site shredding service for your confidential documents based on certain quantity requirements.
    • Impact Report: We provide a semi-annual Impact report based on the quantity of scrap you recycle through us, detailing the positive environmental and social impact of your actions. Check out a sample report here.
    • Consultation for Wet Waste Management: We, together with specialized partners, would be happy to provide Wet Waste Management solutions and services. Contact us for more details.

We provide Organizations with 2 options in exchange for their raddi.

  • Recycle for Cause

    Donate your raddi to one of our partner NGOs. We will donate all proceeds to the NGO of your choice. All our NGOs are registered under section 80G, which enables the donor to recieve a tax rebate on their donation amount. The NGO will issue you, the donor, a donation slip and an Impact Report.

  • Recycle for Goods

    You can exchange your recyclable waste in return for goods made of recycled paper. We can even provide you with goods branded with your company’s logo, etc. Check out this catalogue for more details.

To request a meeting or schedule a pick-up, call RaddiConnect at +91-9004240004 or fill out the booking form.

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