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Pledge your Raddi to Make A Difference (MAD)

Make A Difference (MAD) is a movement of young leaders working towards providing better outcomes for children living in shelter homes. Through our four core programmes, Ed Support, Discover, Propel and Dream Camps, Make a Difference creates a support system and an emotional safe space for children in shelters by ensuring every child has at least 3 adults who care for them, understand them and who they can reach out to when they feel overwhelmed. They have access to them for a minimum of 2 hours a week from the age of 10.

MAD effectively runs four projects in shelter homes across the country

  • Ed Support Project - This Project seeks to work towards providing our children with teachers who would help them perform better at schools in primary subjects like English, Maths and Science, thereby making it easier for them to continue their further education.
  • Discover Project - Empowers children to make informed decisions by providing a support system that enables career awareness, skill building and self awareness through experience-based learning. The project strives to ensure that the child is able to understand their true strengths and potentials.
  • Propel Project - The Propel Project enables children to build their career paths that are in sync with their interests and is aimed at those who are poised to pass out from shelter homes. This Project works towards providing support and guidance to the children to go through the admission or placement processes.
  • Dream Camp - Dream Camps are outbound camps that are planned to be taken up as an all inclusive initiative, spanning from 1-3 days. The learning is subdivided into small, quantifiable packets of time called 'sessions'.

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